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Day 24

Good afternoon fellow quitters,

This is my first post on this forum but thought I would say hi and let you all know how I am getting on. I am 31 and have been a smoker of around 20 per day since I was 16, I finally decided to quit after a few failed attempts using NRT (Patches etc) but this time I'm cold turkey whilst reading Alan Carrs Easy Way. ( I highly recommend reading)

This weekend was by far the toughest as I was in a social situation at a BBQ and in the company of lots of smokers, it was also my first time drinking alcohol since I quit and I was not looking forward to it, although I had some intense cravings I managed to refrain and I am so pleased with myself this morning, I now feel a lot more confident next time i decide to have a few drinks.

If I can do it then so can you, keep it up everyone and sooner or later we will not have to think about smoking at all.

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Hi there & Welcome to our forum.

Congrats on taking that important step and stopping smoking.

24 days is amazing and you should be so proud of yourself esp as you managed the weekend BBQ and did not give in.

Each hurdle you overcome makes you stronger.

Anyhow keep on posting when like as we are here for you.

Good luck my friend :)


Thank you Jo.


Hi Francob. We are on exactly the same day. What a great feeling. Keep it up.

I'm not sure if a month is the 28-days, or should it be 9th October? Actually who cares.....24 days, what a result!


Same here guys. I'm another "9th September quitter"..

Still all 3 going strong then!


Well done guys keep it up, its great to know there are others out there going through the same as me.

Perhaps we can help support each other over the coming weeks?

My main concerns were the usual trigger points which are smoking in the car, cigarettes after food & coffee and of course smoking whilst having a few beers, I am glad to say that I have got through each occassion a few times now and it has made feel a lot stronger.

I also am suprised but how much better I feel after only 25 days, I am breathing better, my food tastes amazing but more importantly I seem to be sleeping better which has made me have lots more energy.

All in all feeling positive, lets just hope we can keep it going.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and feeling so far?


Yep. I've been worried about similar triggers, and seem to have got over them quite well.

Drinking is not "so" bad, as I normally just have a beer at home when the kids have gone to bed, but the first trip to the pub while the football was on was a scary one.

My morning trip to work on the train was another important one. Normally, it would be: Bike to the station, buy a coffee and pack of 10. Go down the the platform and light up while having the coffee.

I've been really happy to get over this one, and now actually go out of my way to avoid people smoking on the platform, not through being scared of smoking, but that I actually don't feel like I like the smell


Yeah I had certain routines too.

Coffee in the morning before work with a cigarette, then another in the car before work. Break at around 11am and then a few during lunch followed by 3pm etc etc.

Instead ive been drinking lots of water and concentrating on my work, I am so much more productive. I 100% agree about the smell, I actually go the long way round to enter my work building so I do not have to walk past the smokers.

I guess half the battle is getting into new routines and breaking the mould.


Welcome to the site.

It's interesting actually... I was prepared for the everyday triggers like beer, post meal etc. But I was caught off guard in the first few weeks by some powerful triggers I hadn't really anticipated. Like, I cleaned out my larder (horrible job, takes ages) and when I was done I had a massive craving because it's exactly the sort of task I would have punctuated with smoking before. Or, husband takes the kids out and I'm alone in the house - HUGE craving, because the first thing I used to do when I got me time was to smoke.

The good news is, if you fight through these things a couple of times, they lose their power as triggers. And as long as you're ready for the odd curve ball, it keeps getting easier and easier.

Well done for getting so far into your quit. Keep going!



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