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Champix - Day 21-23

Hey all,

Well I'm into week 4...yay....everything was sailing along beautifully...but as every wind blows the sail, eventually you have to fight to find breeze to move the ship. I had my first real craving to smoke this weekend...I was out driving, by myself for a good distance and craved it so bad....see this was my best opportunity to have one...alone...gonna be gone for a long time....I'm happy to say the only stop I made was at home, and still smoke free, but it was my first obstacle i've encountered.

I wanted to touch on something Cyprien said...that dreams on Champix cross into reality. I have had a mutitude of these so far. Some are as simple as reading emails in my dreams and not sure if they are real so I rush to check and see, to being asked for a hair elastic and waking up sitting staight up wondering if i was actually asked for one. Lately its been tough for me to sleep....not getting to sleep but having a good sleep.

Onward and upward as they say...

Looking forward to more day to tick off on the calendar.

Thanks for reading,


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Hi samartel,

Well done for making it into week 4 :)

I'm not using champix, but I can sympathise with your dreams - I've had ones like it for as long as I can remember! I'm forever berating my OH for not having listened to something I've told him, only to realise I actually dreamt about telling him... :o


Hi Samartel

Even after all of this time, I have still not slept through the whole night yet. I have halved my dose, and take the second dose at about 2pm, but nothing seems to help. The dreams seem to have calmed down a bit, though. Having said that, I dozed off in my deckchair over the week-end, and woke up in a panic that I must have dropped my lit ciggie! Leapt up out of the chair checking everywhere for burns....


Hey guys,

Yeah Jen, its crazy that dreams transcend into having to berate or ask for confirmation of things happening around you.

Mrs T, I can attest that is one of the scariest dreams you can have...dropping the lit smoke....

Its a wild ride...but keeps us interested



The weird dreams were the biggest side effect I had with Champix. For me, it was like having a 3-D cinema in my head which re-ran the events of the day but with odd twists and turns in them. I'd wake up in the middle, work out what was real or not - sometimes I had to get up to check whether I'd bought something or whatever, then I'd go back to sleep and it was as if I'd hit the pause button on a CD. The dream would recommence exactly where it had left off.

Can't remember them all now but at the time they were so real. I was looking around the apartment one morning for a tiger cub I dreamt I'd bought in the market I'd been to the previous day. Numerous times I checked my bag for packets of cigarettes I'd dreamt I'd bought and started smoking. Another occasion, I thought I'd made a date with this handsome bloke in uniform I'd met in a cafe I'd been in - that was a bit of a let-down when I realised it wasn't the case.

I cut down and came off Champix early because of them. It wasn't that I was disturbed by the dreams, I was just constantly tired as I was waking up and running round checking things half a dozen times in the night.

I was fortunate that I didn't have any scary dreams or nightmares as the vividness I ws experiences would have terrified me. They just juxta-posed reality and dream.

Good luck with your quit



then I'd go back to sleep and it was as if I'd hit the pause button on a CD. The dream would recommence exactly where it had left off.

Spot on....its crazy eh (there is the Canadian in me coming out) you can be 100% awake, laugh about the fact you just checked on something, then go back to sleep and you are exactly where you left off.

I am tired a lot. I find myself going to bed earlier and earlier...but it doesnt do me any good....i dont sleep well. I want to stay on Champix long enough to develope new habits, ways to fill that time i would have spent smoking. Once i'm confident that i wont jsut run out for a quick one...and of course "only one" then i'll get off it.


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