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No Smoking Day
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Getting There

5 & 1/2 days smoke free and feeling good I am on my way to the Doctors to get more Champix thankfully we can get it on prescription and in Wales all prescriptions are free so thats a bonus!

I will also be transferring some cash to my prepaid credit card and I will be ordering and paying for my new printer online my first reward the first of many I am so happy being smoke-free once again. Good luck everyone

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Hi Viv and well done:) Your doctor will be so proud of you. Can't wait to see mine, although he might be a bit jealous cos he still smokes:rolleyes: Isn't it great that we get free prescriptions here in Wales? Helps with the motivation to not have to pay to stop smoking. Oh, and when you get that printer up and running maybe you can tell me how to set mine up? I am seriously technologically challenged lol:o



Well done Viv!



Great Job!!!

It must be nice not to pay for medication.

Keep up the good work, you should be proud.


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