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Week 2 Draws to End


Firstly thanks to EVERYone on this forum!!!

I cant believe I sit here and my quit counter says 1W 6D 12h 59m 12s

in 11 hours i will be in week 2, My OH still cant believe it! looking back on the to weeks gosh i think my worst day was 4! there after it has been fine except for the sleep depravation!

to ALL quitters / smoker's actualy any one reading this, trust me it is well worth the journey.

You will be AMAZED at how quickly your body starts to heal it self! within 2 day of quitting i was riding bike with my son and havnt stopped, at 42 I have twice the energy levels of 25-30 y/o smokers at work!

A few days into my quit 8 or 9 cant remeber my son says to me

"Dad you dont breath funny anymore" thats all the motivation I need.

Sitting in the non smoking section ! thats all the motivation I need

Being able to taste food ! that all the motivation I need

Not smelling like an ashtray ! thats all motivation I need

Being able to smell, truely SMELL thats all the motivation I need

Being able to take long walks, NO HEAVY breathing! thats all the motivation I need

Being able to go ANYWHERE and not wonder is there a smoking section, or do the people we going to, mind smoking,

going to the movies and sitting through out the entire movie NO GETTING up to SMOKE ! thats all the motivation I need

Two hours on a plane when I landed no rushing for a smoke! thats all the motivation I need

I will never have to worry about running out of smoke again!

If I can do it ! any one can!!

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Hi Gary,

Many, many congrats on getting to the end of week two, that is so awesome:D I am only on Day 9, but that feels awesome too. Unfortunately my lungs don't feel better yet, but I know it will come in time. But my taste is getting better, I ate a tangerine yesterday and it tasted absolutely blooming magical:D I never really felt like eating fruit when I was smoking but now I have tons of it and think it is going to be a big part of my diet from now on. Why put a smelly stick of poison in my mouth and set fire to it LOL!! I read somewhere that cigarettes contain rocket fuel, so from the amount I smoked I'm surprised I'm not on Mars by now:eek:

All the best to you, you are an inspiration to others and I hope you carry on enjoying your quit.


Well done Gary!

You have such a positive attitude - your post made me do a little inner whoop! :D

Well done Gary, you're doing great :)

That's great Gary - it really sounds like this is your time to do it. If you remain this positive, it will just get easier and better by the week.


garry .

where is the quit counter.

is it in the forum?

where can i find it.

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