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Developing allergy to patches?


I've been using patches for 4 weeks without any problems, but in the last couple of days I seem to have developed a bit of an allergy.

It started with redness at the sites where I'd had them remaining for a few days, and now the last two patches have left my skin itchy and a bit swollen. Weird thing is that they don't itch when they're on, apart from the usual first ten minutes.

We're having a bit of a heatwave, which might be a factor, but I wondered if anyone else had had the same problem after using them for so long?

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I had a similar experience Jen. I did the NHS programme through a smoking cessation clinic. I worked down the three strengths, all 24 hours, was ok with the first two but when I got onto the baby ones after about eight weeks (I think) I started having problems with itching, soreness and little tiny blister like things. Told my nurse and she told me to try without it for bed, did so and never put it on again. I know you'll be putting it on different places, have you tried it anywhere else beside your arm (bum)? David

Noticed your sig "Purveyor Of Useless Facts Heres Another

I've been trying a few different places - I never actually put them on my arms though in case they are visible, being the vain person that I am :p

However, I did put one on my arm yesterday, and didn't get a reaction. I'm putting it down to the heat making me sweat (they were on my legs, and due to other meds, I get terrible night sweats).

The problem I have is I'm such a fidget I have to find places where they won't come off - my bum would be the first place they'd come off, given how much I shuffle about! :D

Some people are actually allergic to the glue in dressings/nicotine patches - I'm one of them!

I've never researched much into it, but I had terrible trouble with allergies to medical dressings after surgery and the Doctor couldn't even prescribe steroids as he normally would, as that would slow down wound healing.

It must have sensitised me to it, as I now can't wear a simple Elastoplast without my skin coming out in blisters within a couple of hours. (The hypo-allergenic ones are no better than the normal ones, either!)

Can you please tell me who makes the hypoallergenic nicotine patches. My doctors and I are having a hard time finding them

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Hi SnickDood - you are replying to a post that was started over 5 years ago and will not appear in the news feed to get a response, perhaps create a new introductory post with your story and your query on the patches.

PS Welcome to our community :)

I can't figure out if I am allergic or not, it seems I can wear a patch for around 4-5 hrs before I have a problem with it.

Must be difficult not being able to use regular plasters - as those of you who know where I got my username from, I've frequently got one stuck on me somewhere!

I am at day 12 and about 5 days ago I started having problems with itching from the patch. Right now I have 4 spots that are red and itchy. I read somewhere to put cortizone on before the patch but then the patch fell off.

I take Benadryl (Drs advise) to help with the itching as I know I have an allergy to the tape or glue. It helps some. If I have to itch until I can wean myself off the patch then I guess I will just itch because I will NOT go back to smoking. mentioned they help with the itching? I have predisone but didn't think of taking it for the itching. Thanks...ppat

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