Two years today - An Octoquitter!

Hi all

Don't come on here very often now, but thought I'd pop back to mark the two years off cigarettes.

To anyone just starting out, it can be done. A few things that helped me:

Use whatever support suits you best, look for moral support as well as whatever replacement therapy (patches, Champix, will power etc) you're using. Don't give in - even if you think you'll just have one cigarette or one puff - you won't. Be proud of what you are doing. You will be 'better/happier' without cigarettes. You won't feel controlled by them anymore. I thought that somehow I wouldn't be the same person without cigarettes or wouldn't enjoy things as much - but it is better/healthier - and cheaper. There is a wall you have to get over when you stop thinking about cigarettes and craving them and each day you go without is a step nearer.

From a personal point of view, I hardly ever think about cigarettes now. I certainly don't miss them let alone crave one. I don't mind other people smoking near me, but it doesn't make me want one. I can detect a smoker at 10 paces - they really do smell. It's not the smoke as they are smoking, it's more the stale smoke on their clothes, hair, breathe that hits me. I feel healthier and more in control. The greatest pleasure for me is not having to always be planning on how and where to have the next cigarette, which looking back was a constant interference with my day to day life.

I did it with Champix, which I really think is a wonder drug, but it does take some will power as well. You need to break the habit and not force yourself to smoke just because you can.

Can't let this milestone pass without a mention to and about the Octoquitters. Two years ago, for me it was a wonderful couple of coincidences that a group of random strangers decided to quit around the same time and then that we all ended up on this site.

We banded together in a virtual network of support and I am sure that without them I wouldn't be posting here. Though I've never met any of you I feel like you are all good friends who were there at a dodgy time with endless support and good humour. I got to the point where I felt I'd be letting you all down if I had a cigarette.

I don't know what the stats are for people who try to give up smoking and are still smoke free two years on, but I'm sure the Octoquitters beat the stats hands down. This can't be due to any particular method as we were all doing it differently, but I think it is due in a considerable part to the character of the people who formed the group and collectively became stronger for it.

My sincere thanks to you all and I look forward to seeing your names pop up in the next month.



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  • Well done Sue - that's a fantastic achievement! This is what we all dream of on here, and it is so nice to hear from those of you who have cracked it.

  • Can't let this milestone pass without a mention to and about the Octoquitters. Two years ago, for me it was a wonderful couple of coincidences that a group of random strangers decided to quit around the same time and then that we all ended up on this site.

    Random strangers? Dodgy may better suit one or two ;)

    Happy October and Congratulations on completing 2 Years Quit

    As always, the first to tick the ol' clipboard and start the month off. Now starting each year :)

    It really was all worth it, wasn't it :)

    Have a great 3rd year ... *raises glass of red* Cheers :)

    All the best

    Pol x

  • Congratulations Sue

    2 years and another glass of red raised, there were a few virtual and real I remember.

    Well done and stay happy

    L x

  • You lot always made me laugh! A great group, never clicky and always supportive. Well done on two years!

  • Well done Sue on your two years, brilliant.

  • Oh Sue,

    What can I say, 2 years quit and I never thought it possible that we would be here today (from my viewpoint).

    Well Done Sue, you were the leader and being at the end of October, you kept me going in those early days.

    Well Done you lovely lady,

    Dee xx:)

  • Well Done you had do very nice

  • Excellent Sue

    Well done.


  • Wooooooohoooooooo Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately I can't bring out the boingy kittens as I'm at work and they're at home - but they are here in spirit lol!

    I too can't believe we've all come this far - I'll be joining you at 2 years in less than a fortnight, it's definitely been worth it! :D

  • Congrats Sue!!

  • Well done Sue , I had my last cigarette 2 years ago today. Cant believe that I am here but so loving the sense of freedom ! This site was brilliant in the first few months and completely changed my point of view and educated me about my addiction. Our group was brilliant amid all the booze and humour a truly supportive group- recomend teaming up with others at similar quit stages as additional support.

    Special mention as ever to my pal Pol who was always there to help when needed !

    Louise xx

  • Many thanks for all the kind comments. Funny thing was that I had a dream the other night that I'd started smoking again - I can even see the brand packets. I was telling someone that I was almost up to the two years when I started. I was really fed up with myself and had to do a double take when I woke. So relieved it was a dream.

    Must be with posting on here again brought it all back - very strange as I've not given cigarettes a second thought - one way or another - for months and months.

    Duckling - Many congratulations on your own two year milestone. Haven't we all done well. Hope everything is going good for you


  • Well done to you too Louise! :)

    Sue - I still have smoking dreams too - brands and all! I had one a couple of weeks ago where yself and MadCatMan found a pack of fags and both decided to start smoking again as it would be a shame to throw them away....? :confused::p

  • And big congrats to you too, Louise :cool: Two years ... who'd of thought it! :D

    Good on you too, for recent stresses managed without falling back on bad habits. Hope your sister is making good progress?

    Take care and have a great 3rd year ;)

    Pol xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE OCTOQUITS 2009 you have all done brilliantly. 2 years now that has gone so quickly, i too hold a glass up and say "Cheers".

    Here's to the next year xx.

  • Well done to you all, living proof that it is possible to stop smoking long term.

    Hope to be where you are one day.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi all

    The list of Octos grows bigger by the day, Well done to everyone for their magnificent achievements.

    Jack XX

  • Woo, woo, woo - (waving arm around like an Americian at a football game) - well done Jack. Congratulations on your two year quit. Who'd have thought we'd all be here now after all the angst, grief, alcohol (virtual - and real).

    For anyone new coming to this - keep on, it is worth it, honestly.

    To everyone coming on here for the two year anniversary - you are a great bunch and - in the words of Sir Bruce Forsyth - "Didn't we do well?"


  • Congrats Sue and Louise and all the Octoquits, well done all of you!

  • I was going to wait until the 28th, my aniversery, to post, but I'll be away then so I'll do it now.

    Well done to us - and a mighty thankyou to my fellow Octoquits for being there.

    At 12 months I wrote about the changes - this time I won't bother just to say to anyone quitting or even thinking about it - it's worth the effort, and it's one of the few things I have absolotely no regrets about doing.

  • Hi Dave, Great to see you still here too. Congratulations on your two year mark (for the 28th). Glad you posted early though, don't want to miss it.


  • Sorry to hijack your post Sue, but 2 years today for this Octoquitter and happy to be smoke free and not a single blip.

    To anyone Reading this it really can be done and I promise it does get easier with time. My mantra in the early days was "just get through today and I will never have to do this day again". I clicked up the days, weeks, months on here and took great pride in reaching all the milestones that I had looked up to early in my quit. It was not always easy but the thought of having to go back to day one and start again got me through.

    So many of us Octos still quit, how amazing. The support of you all was wonderful, all strangers but all friends. Oh and my twin too....Jack, good to see you still quit as that bet had no expiry date you know.

    Love to you all

    Lorna x

  • Bloody well done, Lorna.

    You've stood strong though a lot .... respect :cool:

    Celebratory glass of red tonight *cheers*

    Love Pol xx

  • Oh Laura, you soft thing. You are not 'hijacking' my thread, this is our thread - and you, more than anyone, has earned a place on it.

    Many congrats on your two year quit and many thanks for the help and support you have continually given to our Octoquits group and many, many others on the forum.

    A super lady, well done


  • Missed my 2 year post by a day!!! not to worry its just another non smoking day now i dont think about it anymore. Congratulations to all the Octo's (Im well aware the bet is still in place Lorna !!! lol ) on acheiving this milestone.

    For anyone reading this it really is worth hanging in there and going through the pain. The one mantra i used is DONT BOTTLE IT UP !!!! let rip !! get it off your chest, anyone who cares about you and your quit will understand !!!

    I would also recommend teaming up wth a group of people as i was lucky enough to have done with the wonderful Octo's many of whom i have turned to in times of need during those first days, weeks and months.

    Winter is nearly upon us and i have already heard my smoking friends and work colleagues moaning about having to go outside in the cold and wet tough shit i say!!!! lol seriously its just another motivation for giving up!!!.

    Hears to another year off the evil weed and well done to not only those that have achieved extended periods of time but to those even contemplating giving up its the first step to achieving it!


    Jack XX

  • And another group member ticks off a 2 year milestone :cool:

    Congrats Jack, on your 2 year AND a day quit. Bloody marvelous :)

    Pol xx

  • wOOBLIMMINHOO - that'll be two years for me too! :D

  • 5898

    YAY ... Two bloomin' years :cool: xx

  • Well done to all the Octoquitts!!!! Another one checking in with 2 years ticked off....who'd have thought we'd all still be here???!!!

    Where's that Christine though....I bet she's still in that bloody penthouse welcoming all the newcomers and knocking back their wine for them :D

  • congratulations sue,youre post has really inspired my,i want to be just like you when i grow up lol :o

  • JJ ... good to see you tick off 2 years smoke free :cool:

    As for Christines whereabouts!! Flat on her back, spinning or scaring her staff. Most likely all three in equal measure. Somethings I'm sure just don't change ;)

  • Hey JJ,

    Many congratulations on your two year milestone too. Seems strange but somewhere (not sure when) in the past two years I went from feeling like an ex-smoker to a non-smoker.

    Good to hear from Mrs Willis - I'm so pleased that we've 'inspired' you. Have a look at some of our earlier postings ie when we all got to one week, two weeks, one month etc. There can't have been a more nervy, tense bunch than us Octoquits - so if we did it, you certainly can.

    Any more to check in?


  • Any more to check in?

    Yep ... 2 years done here too :p

  • Yep ... 2 years done here too :p

    Woohoo...How Long, Pol? :cool: I did all my best to smile :D

    And congrats also to all the 2009 Octoquitters :)

  • Let's hear it for polly poop!

    Congrats Pol, how'd you celebrate?


  • polly poop indeed

    Thanks Cav, the choonful post, like a good quit, is going on and on :cool:

    Misty In Roots :) Tussled over the chance to see them yesterday. Wasn't to be, another time I hope.

    Mah, you's back :) I didn't celebrate (yet) ... for now I just smiled at feeling good and free.

    However, boots have been on my mind a while :cool:

    Pol xx

  • Thanks Cav, the choonful post, like a good quit, is going on and on :cool:

    Misty In Roots :) Tussled over the chance to see them yesterday. Wasn't to be, another time I hope.

    Speaking of 'tussling over...' don't and just go the next time :) Going to see Little Axe evening of the 27th here in the Athens of da North. Long way to go ;)

  • Going to see Little Axe evening of the 27th here in the Athens of da North. Long way to go ;)

    Oh, wow :cool:

  • Yep ... 2 years done here too :p

    Nice going Pol!!!! Well done, fabulous and all that! CONGRATS

  • Snuck in Pol!! Happy two years my friend. You proper deserve it x x x

  • Bella, such dodgy 'congrats' music. Still not a converter ;) I really ought to have known what to expect .... did me make grin. Thank you.

    Fi, thanks :cool: Less of a 'snuck' - more of a 'tagging'

  • WOW POL, 2 years WELL DONE

    For someone that was only going to quit for a bit you have done amazingly well, a true inspiration, a great friend, and a wicked sense of humour.

    11 days to go before I can post, but I will be there.

    Dee xxxxx;)

  • Thank you Dee, as always your words bring warmth and smiles ... especially on a cold windy miserable Monday ;)

    Of course your gonna be here in 11 days. No doubt there :)

    Stay strong, lovely lady xx

  • Big Hurrah for you Pol. Always there with a cheery word and encouragement. Well done on your two years. Aren't we all doing well.

    Bizarre though but in my dreams I still smoke and often wake up wondering why I started again and annoyed that I've got to go through the 'quit' again. It's always a relief to remember that I haven't started again. Must take a long time to unprogramme the subconscious.


  • Yeah, over the 2 year quit time :) My husband John is using my profile now as he has finally decided to join me. Better late than never :) so it will probably be him posting using my name now but he is using this forum as I did and I told him what a great bunch you all were and helped me so much. Hopefully he will have a great group like the Octoquits to help him :p

    Well done to all of us that did it. I am so proud of us all.

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