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Day 3 on Champix

Hello Everyone

I'm a new member and having been reading the forum with great interest.

I don't know if I've put this in the right thread as I'm on Day 3 Champix, but still smoking.

The Champix is making me feel slightly nauseous in the mornings and excessively tired in the afternoons, but I can live with that and hopefully it will wear off.

I plan to quit next Tuesday (Day 9?) and scared already....

BUT am determined and that is next week, so must live in the present!!!

Often the thought of something is worse than the reality.

And I have quit before for 3 years so I know it is possible. That was 6 years ago and I'm now 47. Smoking is affecting my health and I can't ignore it anymore

I think this forum will be really useful for me.


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Hi, Elizabeth, and welcome!

I too struggled for the first few days on Champix, and one I was up to the full 2mg per day, I could hardly sleep at all. So, I am now on half the normal dose and I am absolutely fine with it. I am also 21 days without a ciggie, so that is a bonus!

I have spoken to lots of people here who have tolerated Champix really well once they have had a few days to get used to it, so just keep an eye on how you are feeling and I'm sure you'll be fine.

And good luck with the quit next week - keep us up to date on your progress! :)


Welcome, Elizabeth!

You will find lots of Champix experience on here - spend some time looking through other posts. And don't be afraid to ask questions. By day 9 you will almost certainly be feeling very different, so don't be too anxious about it at this stage. I was one of the most hardened smokers I knew, and I ended up stopping before my planned quit date!


Hi Elizabeth,

I am on Champix too and I can relate to the nausea which is horrid I know. Best thing is to eat before you take it and drink plenty of water with it too. And don't worry about your quit date - I didn't set one cos I couldn't cos I was panicking about failing. So I stopped when I felt ready. Had a false start but am now on Day 6 and feeling good:D Never thought I could get this far but I have:D So take it easy and good luck with your quit. You can do it! Keep us posted.



Dear CathyC, Mrs T and ZoeMac

Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement. I woke up this morning after 12 hours sleep!!! and thought I can't take this drug. I missed a night out with a close friend yesterday and really can't face a day at work today.

Anyway after reading your replies I've decided to stick with it for a few more days (at least) Its the weekend coming up and I can sleep all day if needs be!

Hopefully next week I'll be smoke free!!


hi elizabeth ,just thought id say hi and well done for making the decision to quit,youve done some of the hard part already,im on day 7 of champix and am feeling great ,i read somwhere that vitamins may help so ive started taking a multivitamin and vitamin b complex as the vitamin b is supposed to help with the irratability,dont really know if its that thats helping or im just lucky but cant hurt to try,also i take my champix while eating my breakfast with a large bottle of water as that is supposed to help with nausia.

Why not try reading allen cars easyway to stop smoking too it really is helping too,every cig i have i take time to taste it and smell it and i know ill be smoke free soon, i think a lot of it is having the right frame of mind,and just remember you wont always feel like this,and youre doing something great ,just take it 1 day at a time and dont let people scare you about champix i know lots of people who say its the best drug ever invented,keep posting on here ,and have a good old rant when you feel like it we will all be here to back you up,wishing you luck, health and happiness,hope i could help a little.


Thank you Mrs Wills, I really appreciate it. Not working today, the sun is shining and and you're right...I won't always feel like this.

Good luck to you. I have a list in my purse of all the people I know that have stopped smoking. I'm the last one left!! They inspire me. If they can do it so can I and so can you.

Have a good day x


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