Feeling Good - Day 9 !

Well firstly, thanks to this forum, my OH and my family for getting me through to Day 9!

Gosh, no one who knew me would have thought I could do this, particularly my OH who is amazed and stunned that I have got to Day 9.

Although I have a cold, I can honestly say I feel amazing today. It's the first cold in years which hasn't turned to vice like sinusitis, and a chest infection to match. Usually I would be absolutley floored by a cold, but I'm at work with little disruption to my health and I can STILL BREATH yeay!!

Sorry....I must sound like a plonker but it's the small things that make the difference and I'm so amazed at how well I'm feeling despite having a cold!!

It makes all the effort so far worthwhile.

Pip x

3 Replies

  • Well done Pip,

    You are well on your way now. Hope the cold goes quickly.

    Keep up the great work we are proud of you


  • Well done Pip , 9 days you are doing brilliant :D

    Keep going :D

  • Great to hear that you are feeling so positive, Pip. It's fantastic to realize that the common cold can be, well, common - without all those exotic smokers extra's on top!

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