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Demon Attack

Well I have been traveling very easily since my quit. Some temptations from week 3 onward but to be honest its been pretty easy.

Every time I have an attack of "The reason I quit is gone I could have just one" I remember that there is no such thing as one cigarette. Its none or a lifetime of smoking.

Tonight tried to mug me in a serious way while I was having a few glasses of wine. It was a sneaky thief. "Just one quick cigarette", "it'll be tasty", "you can do just one", "you're quit now".

No ! No ! No ! I'm not falling for the addiction demon and its sweet talking. I know that every smoker out there wishes they could be where I am now. Over 2 months quit. When I see smokers on the street I know they aren't enjoying what they're doing. They are just trying to quench that addiction for a few minutes to get some peace.

I say no to the addiction. Little demon you are just gasping you last breaths as I move towards the sweet 3 months of smoke free awesomeness. It knows I'm close to that point where I go weeks without consulting it about my life and its throwing on last ditch attempt to seduce me and well too bad it aint gunna happen !!!!!! See you all in a 9 months for my 1 year quit anniversary.

Of course I'll be polite and respond to any posts and all and come back to encourage everyone else but you get what I mean :)

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Ha nice post!

Just remember non smokers don't smoke so there's no need for the one.


Well said. We all have those times and it's nice to know that it happens so we can be prepared.

Well done on getting so far.




Great post and well done.



24 Days !!

Nice post and I know exactly what you mean about "just one cigarette, surely I wll be able to handle it?"

I had this yesterday whilst at a family BBQ with 90% of the people being smokers, it was difficult but I have learnt from previous attempts that just one cigarette for me and I will be smoking 20 a day, I am so proud of myself for getting through.

One thing I have noticed though, is that I am seeing smokers as idiots and find myself being quite angry at my girlfriend who is still smoking, but the thing is it is not because I am jealous of her still smoking but I cannot stand the smell etc. When I smoked I used to hate people telling me I should quit or being made to feel like a 2nd class citizen. No I find myself thinking exactly the same as those people.

Am I a hypocrite ?


Well said Ed:D

And no frankbob you are not a hypocrite, you have just turned into a none-smoker so all you are feeling is normal. I am only on Day 11 but when I smell smoke on people I think euggh. Good feeling though:D



Thanks Zoe and well cone on 11 days, yes it is a good feeling, my mindset has changed dramtically and only in just over 3 weeks.

So far my food tastes better, I have more energy, I sleep better and I have saved £140, we just need to keep going.


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