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Glamourising smoking!

I had to log in for a moan as I read this online today and it's made my blood boil. Since when does puffing away on a cancer stick make someone 'smoking hot'? The media should be slamming this - not promoting it! Grrrrrr! :mad:

Anyways, long time no post, but I'm pleased to confirm that I'm still smoke-free. Hope you're all doing well.


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That's bloody outrageous. And for a paper that's constantly feeding the public with ridiculous scare stories about the possible causes of cancer, it's hypocritical in the extreme. I'm furious, and I've posted a comment to say so. Ghastly paper. *Shudder* :mad:

So glad your quit is still going well. Mine too!



Was there a cigarette in those photos?, can't say i noticed ;):D

..... seriously though, you'd have thought the paper would have had more sense than to glamourise smoking..... but obviously not :mad:


I am so outraged that I am going back for another look, and whilst there I shall tut sarcastically:rolleyes:

Daily Mail all over though...


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