No Smoking Day
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Champix - Day 15-17

Hey all,

Can proudly say i have been 100% smoke free for 5 days.

Its been good, i can feel a lot of differences already. Less to almost no caughing in the morning, i am not blowing my nose constantly when i wake up, can run with my dog without wheezing.

Has a street party Sat night. Now, when I say everyone on my street smokes, it can be taken that everyone on my street who went to the party smokes. It went really well. Up until about midnight, all smokes smelt horrible, like made me gag horrible. But i will admit shortly after midnight i woul dhave given my right arm to try one. Happy to report, i didnt.

So i faught the demon, and won this round.

I have found though, that taking the Champix with milk, whether it is in the middle of my meal or not, makes my stomache upset. I searched and searched for any body who might have found that to be the case too, but came up empty handed. Just want to let y'all know.

Thanks for reading


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Sorry everyone...wrong week....holy crap....i'm moving on



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