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Day 18 (week 3?)


Well its day 18 for me and I think it's week 3:confused: (sure somebody will tell me)

Still going strong with my patches and odd little suck on the inhaluator!!

But i don't really like that as it makes me cough as it hits the throat so just using as emergency. (Only used 2 cartridges since I started)

Not had any real strong urges for the little nicotine stick but I do occasionaly think of them.

One thing I have found is that I have more time in the morning now before work.

I walk past coffee shops and the smell is so strong, but must keep away from baker shops and the best bit is that i don't smell of the stinky sticks:)

Still get the odd little cough when i go to bed but think it is getting better.

I am looking out the window at work at the moment and it's pouring with rain, boy am i glad i don't have to stand in the wet having my fix.

This will make you laugh, I have a habit of forgetting to put the patches on in the morning so have to dash back upstairs and get it on while I remember it and then i forget to take it off when I go to bed, there's me trying very quietly laying in bed trying to get it off without the other half hearing me.

I really really really am going to stay off them this time when i finish the patches.

Sorry to ramble on but just feeling so good.

Have a good day peeps and don't give in to temptation.

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Hey want to smell nice

It rained here last week too and I had the exact same

That is funny about the patches. Way to go so far. Your line about "Sorry to ramble on but just feeling so good.". Dont be proud and yell that out. I use this forum for the exact same thing. To ramble on about feeling good or feeling bad with those who KNOW how hard this is.

I'm proud of you!



Well done! Pastries smell lovely compared to ciggies!

I too am finding myself to be very efficient in the mornings - I keep arriving t work early, which is most unlike me! :)

With regards to the nicotine patches (this may be an old wives tale, but this is the way I was told it...), years back, a colleague was telling me about her friend, who was quitting on patches when they were still a fairly new on the market.

Her friend's husband didn't smoke. She wore the patch 24 hours, and one night she woke up to hear her husband being violently ill, and found him in the bathroom all pale and clammy. They couldn't work out what was making him ill... until they realised that her patch had unstuck and attached itself to him during the night.

It prove what a powerful drug Nicotine is! :eek:


Well done for getting to day 18.

And well done for staying out of the bakers:D can't quite say the same for me as my OH has a sweet tooth so will come home with cream cakes. Have to say I am now having to exercise and eat healthily because I have gained so much weight :rolleyes:

May have the willpower to say no to cigs but saying no to the OH is another matter (I wonder if they do patches for that :D)

Keep going

Lingy :)


May have the willpower to say no to cigs but saying no to the OH is another matter (I wonder if they do patches for that :D)

Could be a fine business opportunity, Lingy!

Well done WTSN - you are doing a great job.


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