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day 4 on champix

Well here i am on day 4 of champix,feeling preety good no side affects as yet,still smoking but there starting to taste really awfull so why am i doing it ,starting to feel like im nevre going to stop and now its all i can think about and i havnt even gone 1 day without yet,dont know if im being too hard on myself or just talking myself into freaking out,would love some advice and find out what day on champix most people stopped,ive cut down a lot and last night went hours without 1 then as soon as i had 1 felt dreadfull just dont know if im strong enough to do this :confused:

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Woah! WAY too hard on yourself Mrs W! You are doing just fine, and the fact that you aren't experiencing any nasty Champix side effects is a massive bonus.

I had intended to stop on day 14, but in the end, stopped on day 8. Prior to that, each day, I reduced the number of puffs I was having on each ciggie, so by day 8, I was only having three puffs on each one. That was all I wanted, because I wasn't enjoying them, and couldn't wait to stop. So I stopped.

Not sure what day you have planned to stop on, but if it happens earlier, don't worry - it's fine. But equally, don't force yourself to stop before you are ready.


Hi Mrswills, I agree with Mrs T that you are being way too hard on yourself, Champix does take some time to kick in and you don't have to quit until between day 8-14, and you can take a bit more time if you need to. I am on day 15 of Champix, tried to quit on day 9, lasted 49 hours and then lost my temper so badly I smoked. So I quit again on day 12 and now I am 81 hours into my quit. Had a hard day yesterday but much better today and if I can do it then so can you :):) Wishing you all the best,

Zoe :):)


Hi Mrswills,

Well done on starting the Champix and yes you are being too hard on yourself.

Don't worry about your quit date. you are only 4 days in. I got myself into a panic about the date but when I got there i was ready. Life is no different without cigarettes. In fact it is better. The Champix will do the work so trust it.

When you feel you are nearing ready to stop, try to cut out cigs and put a longer time between them. This will help you when you stop completely. Have a water bottle with you so when you feel a crave have some water. You may have the odd bad day where the craving seems to be all you can think of but just fight it and distract yourself and you will be surprised how much will power you have.

Make sure you post on here. The encouragement and support will boost you and when you have gone through the experience as well a during, then the help and support you can provide to others is invaluable.

This is the best decision you can make for you.

Keep us updated and remember we are here to support you when you need us.

Keep up the good work

Lingy :)


thanks guys ,feeling a lot better about it today,thinking of doing my quit on day 14 but you never know it may be sooner,1st cig of the day this morning i didnt really enjoy as much as usual so i think thats a good sign and my hands smell awfull,been reading allen carrs easyway and seems to make a lot of sence but cant seem to get in the right frame of mind just yet i feel up and down about it 1 minute i cant believe i ever wanted to smoke and the next i feel im giving something up so may read it again, just got back from the doctors as i have an awfull cough and other symptoms and appaerently its with cutting down smoking and it withdrawal ,she is really excited for me and cant wait for me to feel so much better and she thinks it may be why i seem tired all the time,really hope i do get more energy with 3 kids to look after it couldnt hurt.


day 4 and struggling

Hi im on day 4 and really struggling , i have cut my fags down to less than half over the last 3 days ..but today i have smoked 4 all ready im really craving i have to stop for health reasons and i want to stop , but today i feel like im going backwards instead of forwards ...will this get better anyone


Don't worry. I didn't quit until day 15 of starting Champix. (I'm now smokefree for 5 weeks!!)

You've cut down already. Let the drug do its thing and as the days go on you will smoke less and less.

Look forward to your quit date (have you decided on one?)'ll be MUCH easier than you expect.

There's lots of help and encouragement here, so let us know how you're getting on.

Loads of luck.



Hi there.....I'm on Day 10 of the Champix and around Day 6 I smoked as normal, the Champix didn't seem to have any effect at all, then.......didn't smoke hardly any on Day 7 and hey presto Day 8 and I've now quit for 2 days. Feel ok yesterday and today, hear that Day 3 can be tough so ready for that I hope! Good luck :)


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