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Survived Week 1!


Well, I got there!!

This weekend has been a test. Having laid off alcohol all week (running on a Fri night when I would normally be out having a beer...), OH and I spent the weekend away. No kids, fine dining, nice wine - the perfect time to cave in.

But I didn't!!

Hubby sadly is back to square one but this won't deter me. I just feel sorry that he has to eventually go through the hell that is week one when he does eventually decide to try again.


Hope everyone out there is good and enjoyed a smoke-free weekend :)

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Well done JQ

You should be so proud of yourself :)

Things will start getting a lot easier for you but then you seem so determined.

Keep up the great work.


Thanks Lingy!

I am determined now. I was just plain miserable last week.

I think I am that 'all or nothing' kind of person.

The hotel we were at on Saturday had all the spa and gym facilities. Exercise really does spur you on! As does not drinking. TBH, we were drinking every night of the week until last week. That has stopped too. I don't actually feel deprived of anything. I only see it as a good thing right now.

I'm sure that could all change but for now happy happy:D

Well done JQ, must be hard with your OH failing, but you are doing brilliantly.

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