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Champix Day 7


Day 7 on Champix still smoking but not as much but the cigarettes are becoming a little more unpleasant to smoke I know this time I will have to stop smoking for good I don't want to lose my leg or any other part of me. So from Wednesday I will be a non-smoker besides the heath benefits, there will be of course the cash savings thats £40 a week it will make a big difference to my cash flow it will mean I will be in a better position for holidays etc, so I am eager to stop! Wednesday cant come soon enough.

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Well done Viv,

Keep going. I am looking forward to reading your post on Wednesday.

The extra money is great. OH and I spent over £300 a month on cigs between us. First month we bought brand new mountain bikes. Just goes to show how much money we wasted :(.


Good luck on Wednesday Viv. If the ciggies are tasting less pleasant now, it will be an even better feeling knowing that you don't need to do it anymore!

I stopped before my planned quit date because I liked them less, and didn't feel I needed them. Each fag that I lit on my final day, I put out after three drags. Then, I knew it was time.

Excellent and good luck, I quit on day 7 of taking champix as my cigs began tasting and smelling vile, I am now on day 5 of being smoke free . Look forward to reading how u go

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