No Smoking Day
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Day 28

Yipeee 4 weeks today

4 days to go and I haven't smoked for one month :eek:

It's unbelievable. I just wish I could feel physically better,

but I have a plan for month 2. Eating healthier, not sleeping

as much as I did the last month, more exercise and even if

it means just small walks, anything really. I am not ready for

the gym or hard hard core exercise :o

I had a few rough and bad days but its getting easier after

I survived day 23 :D .

I would've not made it without all your support on here. ;)

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Well done

Well done for staying off for 4 weeks.

Also a big thankyou for your words of encouragement when replying to my post of yesterday.

I think I'm beginning to realise what this forum does.....


well done dorset

i know you have it in you to do this


Well done

Hey dorset well done on reaching the four weeks cant wait to get there myself . Long way to go though but will take it one day at a time. I look forward to reading your posts. May the force be with you .


That's great Dorset! I've discovered a love for swimming which seems to have really helped.


Thanks everyone, I could've not done it without you . :D


Well done Dorset,

Doesn't it feel great :D I like to keep setting myself goals to get to my next one is 50 days :eek:

Me and OH have now started the exercises (to combat the extra eating :D) and wow is there a difference in how much I can do.

Keep going you are doing fantastic



Well done for reaching your four weeks Dorset.

Milestones really help to keep the motivation up. Two calendar months for me today. Good luck with the new fitness plan - that would feel like a challenge too far for me at the moment!


Brilliant Dorset and Mrs T!!! It must be great to be counting smoke free time in months. Keep it up both.:D:D:cool:


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