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12 weeks and 5 days


Hi everyone, my quit is going surprisingly well at the moment. I'm not using the patches anymore, when I first come off them I felt a bit down and tired for a couple of days, but thats just probably because the last of the nicotine was leaving my system. I got through it by drinking plenty of tea and lying in bed. I very rarely think about smoking now and the cold weather always makes a quit easier for me. Once you start saying no to cigs I think you get a little stronger everytime you say it and succeed, the extra money you have in your pocket is a bonus too :D

So how is everybody else's quit going?

Thanks for reading, Daniel.

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Well done you, you're doing great - can't wait until I reach the 12 week mark. Have to say I'm hoping for a cold winter as I never smoked in the house and at least if it's cold it wont bother me so much as I don't like being cold.

Thanks Claire, same here I never used to smoke indoors either, I quit through all of last winter too and when spring came, and it got warmer I wanted to smoke again and did end up doing unfortunately. I'll be prepared this time though I'm gonna have some patches for emergencies.

Well done daniel :D . You must feel brilliant , what an achievement . I look forward getting that far .

Thank dorset and good luck with your quit :)

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