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Back again for another try

Back to day one. This time i'm doing it with an e cig . Tried everything else -went back to smoking for 8 days . Last cig 2 pm yesterday. Do you guys still consider using an e cig or electronic cigarette to be smoke free ? The way i see it is although it looks like smoking there is no smoke . I'll post in day 2 tomorrow . Good luck to all newcomers and those who've been at it a while .

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Hey pfaber, well done for giving it another go :)

I personally would say that it is better than 'real' cigs, although they don't really address the nicotine addiction - it depends on whether it's being tobacco free or nicotine free that's your aim at the moment

A word of warning though - because they're unregulated, its difficult to know what's in the cartridges. Some of them have been found to contain carcinogens, and some of the supposed nicotine-free ones were found to contain nicotine, so if you were looking to swap to nicotine-free, you might get caught out.

Having said that, this is of course balanced against tobacco cigs, all of which definitely contain carcinogens and nicotine...

Good luck pfaber, I hope it works out for you :)


E cigs

I am using 24mg nicotine e liquid in my e cig with a view to reducing this over a period of time . as for the stuff being dangerous i believe there is an element of risk but a lot less riskier than continueing to smoke . something like 99 % safer than smoking according to what i have read.


pfaber :D

I missed you and I am glad your back :p :p

I have no clue about e-cigarettes , I read about them a few month ago, I thought of trying them , but I never bought them in the end. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you can have them in different strength ...!?

You can do it, I admire you strength and determination pfaber :D


Hi dorset

Hi dorset good to see you . Yes the carts come in different strengths from 0 to 36 mg per ml . I'm on 24 and am planning on getting down to zero over the next few months . So far so good.


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