Help.....Day 4 !!

Hi all !

New to the forum but have been reading threads for inspiration.

It's Day 4 and I'm really struggling, had a major childish tantrum and few tears this morning. When will this end??

I think I am over the phsycological bit as I really don't want a cigarette but I'm struggling with how my body feels.

I smoked 30+ a day, I'm on patches and have inhilator & spray, someone please tell me when this hell will start feeling more manageable??

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  • everyone is different .. but hopefully you will get past all this its only habit thats making you feel like this stay strong it will come :)

  • read a book, take deep breathes, sip water, have a mint. You can do this. :-)


  • Hi Pip, and well done for reaching day 4.

    Although you don't consciously want a cigarette, your brain is probably a bit miffed as to why your routine has suddenly changed, and why you aren't giving it the illusion of pleasure anymore.

    I had a similar feeling yesterday, just keep going and do whatever you need to do not to smoke. If you can watch or read some comedy that might help lift your mood as well.

    You can do it :)

  • Thanks guys, am feeling a little better now. I think my subconscious mind keeps telling me something is wrong, and I'm getting no relief, it just seems to be a constant battle today. It's not like a craving which passes after 5 mins, more of a constant feeling of something not being right, stomach churning etc. I hope tomorrow's going to be an easier day, I just hope I can carry on fighting this and not fail through lack of willpower, I so want to stop for good this time!:confused:

  • Hi Pip,

    You are nearly half way through the day already, you're doing great, treat yourself to a nice lunch. If you get bored read some articles from here.

    Stay Strong


  • Hi Pip,

    Well done on getting to day 4. Everyone is different. My OH had two bad days on days 1 and 2, I was fine but had a meltdown on day 3. You have to fight through it. One of the things that helped me was a bottle of water with a spout at the end to suck through. If I felt the urge then I just had a suck of water. mimicked the smoking feeling.

    Hoping that tomorrow is better and today improves dramatically for you.

    You can do it

    Lingy xx

  • Well done Pip. If you read a lot of the other posts on here, you will see that generally, the first week is the worst for most people. After that, the feelings get a little less raw, although you still need to be prepared to deal with "bad days" and hitting new triggers. Good luck.

  • Go on keep up the good work! :D

  • Terrible day! I hate it!

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