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A sleepless night

I'm a few hours (about 4) short of a week off fags. Been fine untill last night when I woke up about 2.30am feeling really hungry (just withdrawal stomach pains really tho I guess?). I m,ust have dropped off again as woke up about 5ish (2 hours before I normally get up) feeling really tired.

I never smoked in my bedroom before so I didnt really feel tempted, didnt realise I'd have these problems after a week off. Do they carry on for long. (atleast I can have a nice lie in over the w-e) :-)


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Hey Paul

I know how you feel! the lack of sleeps is what is getting me down!

BUT like you said you have the W/end to sleep in!!

Stay strong!


Hi Paul

Sleep in the first few days/weeks can be disrupted. Mine was, got dam annoying but settled in time.

Check out this link, may help ---> Sleep adjustment

Congrats on almost reaching a week smoke free :cool:


cheers guys, still it's better to wake up too early rather than too late. :-)


al sorts of things happen to you when you stop smoking i think you should just go with it LOL :)


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