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i am on day 6!


hi all hope everyone is doing ok?

i am rubbish today and it annoys me to admit it as i am normally an upbeat positive person, feel good about quitting and getting to day 6 and no giving in to any cravings (and there has been plenty). i am lucky have good health but over the last few days i have felt rotten, swollen glands, big increase in blood pressure, headaches,sleeplessness and now toothache. is this all down to stopping smoking? aaarrgh!!

sorry for sounding so moany and grumpy i am honestly not like this!! xx:(

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Hi Maysie,

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit rubbish today. I had days like that at the beginning (not toothache though). I think it is all the poison coming out. Stick with it I know its hard but you will get there.

You are doing so well getting to day 6. Anyway the forum is here for a good moan when you need it and support, so moan away.

A big hug to hopefully make you feel better.

Lingy x

Agreed !!

You hang in there!! anythink you need we a "post away"

Stay strong!

Hey Maisie,

if it helps, I feel just the same but on the plus side I dont smell of smoke and my hands and teeth look better, and my eyes arent so red.

Things can only get better. :-)


thanks everyone....please don't mention teeth, i have serious toothache seeing the dentist this afternoon.:(

you are right though i smell nice and hopefully soon i will look better too!:)

had a wee read through some of the posts and realised some have a more difficult time than others but we all have the same goal.

the support from everyone here is very much appreciated.

maysie x

Hi Maysie. I always have dental problems when I quit. It is usually problems with my gums rather than the teeth themselves - something to do with the supply of blood changing after quitting. On one occassion, it also appeared that I had started grinding my teeth in my sleep, which damaged the muscle in my jaw! Good luck at the dentist tomorrow.

It works well!imgquick.com/images/43.gif

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