No Smoking Day
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Into day 6


I quit last Friday lunchtime, to be honest I just wasn't enjoying smoking anymore. Was a 15-20 a day man for nearly 30 years. I read Allen Carrs book which was recommended by a friends wife and stopped just before I got to the last chapter.

I actually like the light headed feeling as it feels like I'm getting better. I still think of smoking just out of habit really (after a meal a couple of times it's felt like there was something missing) but havent been tempted to buy any. And if you've gone a few days without a smoke and are tempted - just look in the mirror or at your hands, no yellow stain between fingers, tongue and teeth look so much better, and food really does taste better.

All the best to anyone struggling today, keep up the good work.


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Hey Paul!

I'm a couple of weeks in now, and chemically aided. But all methods are good!

I too have noticed how quickly the nicotine staining between my fingers has disappeared. I am also surprised by how pink my fingernails look!

I think my first post here was about my heart rate dropping 10 beat per minute - it is good fun to keep track of these things!

Well done to you, and keep up the good work! :)


Thanks Cathy :-)


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