No Smoking Day
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first day nearly over!!

:) oh well after many posts on here then lasting a few hours or so!! ive decided to get my act together and do it properly again!!ive been doing a lot of exercise and getting fit again,yet im still drinking and smoking !!! need to get rid of the (oh well damage is already done negative thinking) heres to upwards and onwards!! xx ps found today really easy with the lozzys xx

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Well done on your new found resolve, and glad that day one isn't too bad for you. Good luck, and let us know how you are getting on.


thank you!! will be on here every day now!! goin to keep it up!! proud of myself x



well done Becca for making the decision to be healthier and quit the cigs :)

just think about how much easier exercise will be soon - more fitness for less effort! :D


Hi Becca ... cool :cool:

best of luck and wish's with your quit

it is so much healthier not to smoke ..

i wish id done it years ago

my breathing and fitness suprises me



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