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Champix - Day 8-10

I was away this weekend, put wanted to report anyhow. I smoked Friday morning (Day 8) then we took off for Buffalo. The dreams have subsided pretty much to nothing now. One side effect i've noticed is that I always feel full. Had a muffin for breakfast and could go till 3pm without feeling hungry at all.

Didnt smoke Day 9 or 10. Had zero cravings for them whatsoever. This medication makes you feel like you would if you never smoked at all. One thing it has done for me though, it has increased the libido...a lot.

From everything that I've read, i'm the opposite of most, hence the need to post this for those who want all the possible information they can get.

Had a smoke this morning however, needed to see if the taste changed as a result of the meds....yup....not so good....tastes like a butted out cigarette smells like. I do feel a bit nausious (sp) from it to be honest.

This may be a good sign for me.



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Well Done Samartel things are really starting to happen now.

I must admit I am on day 29 of being smokefree but still taking Champix and I have often wondered whether the taste is different from when I last had one. I quickly push that thought to the back of my mind as I have no intention of finding out :D

Keep going



Well done on not smoking over the weekend! :)

I was only a couple of days into the Champix before cigarettes started to taste different. Kind of like a bonfire, but more chemical, if you know what I mean. It wasn't disgusting, just not particularly pleasant, so I cut down from 20 per day to 8-10 per day, which probably made the actual quite date a bit easier as my routine was already disrupted.


Thanks Lingy and Cathy.

My wife awas proud too which makes it so much easier.

Only had the one today I'm trying to break the physical habit now.

I'm planning on doing the entire program of 11 i've said, i want this to be the last time I quit.

Thanks for reading



Well done Samartel

I would do the complete course. I have decided to cut down to one 1mg a day now after 6 weeks of taking them and I am fine with that but my OH tried and his cravings returned so he has gone back up to 2mg a day and now feels fine.

Just remember we are here when you need to have a moan and to give you encouragement which is the best support over the next few days.

Keep up the good work



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