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On day 2


Hi everyone. Im new to the forum and just thought id say hi. Im currently on day 2. I havn't had a tab since friday night, and so far so good. This will be my 3rd attempt of quitting and I am really determined to do it this time. Im asthmatic ( i know) which is my main reason for quitting, also I have a little girl who keeps asking why mammy smokes, it breaks my heart. So here I am full of determination and to prove the people wrong who think I will fail again. Goodluck to everyone else too :)

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Good luck with your quit Emma :)

Keep posting and let us know how you get on. Are you using NRT or anything?

welcome and well done on making a brilliant decision

children are a good reason for sure and they need us

mine are on my list of reasons to

read read read and understand wat you are going through it will be an emmense help

good luck

Good luck Emma. Everyone thought I couldn't do it - but here I am nearly eight weeks without smoking. Hope that it goes well for you.

Good luck Emma :D

Hi Emma ..

2 days is brillant !

keep the faith .. and read as much as you can

come on here whenever you get a crave

anything that helps xx

Thanx everyone. Finding it really hard today but havn't gave in yet. Im using patches, and hope they will help cos I know I would defo fail if I tried cold turkey, lol x

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