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Day 19

Hi all...been reading through all week 3 posts, theyve really helped as its been a bit of a rollercoaster i was scared of falling off of the last few days but my new mini target is 21 days looking forward to it and feeling positive again today!

Keep going everyone :)

ps - i know everyones different but anyone felt this week has brought more physical ailments? My energy was low, throat sore, tongue felt like it had been burnt (lol) and was a bit more out of breath than 'normal'.....

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Hi Nicki

well done . Day 21 is not far .

My week was not to bad and I am looking forward to reach tomorrow ( day 21) One moment I can feel great and the next moment I wonder why I ever considered to stop. I feel realy sleepy all the time and my mouth is still a little sore and dry .

I will get easier :D


well done on 19 days ... excellent

Ive had reaccuring mouth problems since i quit

sore toungue keeps coming and going

im getting expert on mouthwash's :) ..corsodyl is my fave

tastes evil ... but works a treatl

my breathing has gone thro stages aswell

but yesterday walked 3 miles up hill and down dale

it was beautiful

didnt need to stop and rest ... just walked

and ive got a streaming cold at the mo xx


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