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my first cold since quitting


wow my first cold since 01.01.11 and guess wat no cough as yet and i have had the cold a whole 24 hours now

previously as a smoker i would have started with my hacking cough as soon as i got a sniffle [ on top of my usual smokers cough that is]

i always thought a cough instantly came with a cold but no i was wrong i knew the smoking used it irratate it but until now i never realised the full extent of the damage the smoking was doing

naive maybe but i have never in my adult life had a cold and not been a smoker so a 'normal cold' was runny or blocked nose and a hacking cough and cause alot of my friends smoke they always had the same

am happy to report i feel reasonably well considering , presumably cause my body only has to fight the cold where as previously it had to fight the cold and the thousands of poisons in my body to

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Sorry you've got a cold (whether you smoke or not they're no fun) but it's great to see such a positive in it - I'm the same, I used to be floored by coughing and asthma when I had a cold, but these days, no more. It does make life a lot easier!

Feel better soon x

Get well soon xx

Hi Boo - your first "normal" cold - another milestone! I'm sure it is still unpleasant, so not one that I am looking forward to, but nevertheless... Colds for me have always led to anxiety about whether they will trigger my asthma or even worse, bronchitis. I suspect that you will also recover quicker now, as well. Get well soon.


sorry to hear you feel poorly. I hope you get well soon

Hi Boo

.. ive got my first cold too

or am hopefully coming to the end of it now..

ive had it for 2 weeks ..

started with a sore throat .. and has developed into

a lovely hacking chest infection phelemy cough

streaming and blowing dnose ...:D

i hope your is a milder cold

i'll be glad when i feel well again :)

Take Care

keep warm

plenty of fluids :rolleyes:

xxx ha'

am pleased to report the cold is now on the mend

i have a slight cough and i mean slight in my days of smoking i would have a hacking flemmy cough and be coughing up god knows what for the next five to six weeks

my taste and smell have returned after just two days again the smoking days i would lose my taste and smell for about 5-7 days

unfortunately my smell didnt return to the smell of fresh cut grass or dewfresh flowers oh no it returned to smell a dirty nappy ewwww just my luck but hey saves me checking the little ones every half hour

all in all even though a cold is a living nightmare i definately know it wasnt as bad as when i smoked all ailments lasted less time

i just cannot believe i smoked when i felt like this, unbelievable

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