No Smoking Day
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Oh lord.. I've qualified for a new forum!

And in style too!

I got over my 1 week milestone yesterday afternoon, and while making tea, I suddenly realised I had a ticket for the Specials last night (yea yea.. 80's throwback to the ska days)..

After the initial thinking of "jees, I nearly sat at home all night and missed that", I had a panicky "these kinds of nights out are normally accompanied by a packet of fags" feeling..

I'm therefore chuffed to bits this morning that I managed not only the concert (with lots of people around us ignoring the no smoking signs), but also a trip into town later with a few beers without a cigarette. My headache is fully earned this morning, but would no doubt have been worse if I also needed to start off from day 1 again!!

Have a great weekend all!

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Well done Barney_dk!

I'm glad you had a good night - and now you know you can do it without the horrible fags, so you can say goodbye to the fear of being a hermit that I think we sometimes get when we quit ;)


That sounds like a great night out Barney

I would of loved to see the Specials

and to survive it all without a fag !!


Cool :cool: xx


Well done Barney you are doing great.

I am more in shock that the Specials are still going :eek:

Glad you had a great night.



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