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Day 14

Feeling a bit meh at the moment. Still missing the action of smoking - my routine just doesn't feel 'right' without it. I've been feeling a bit down, but I don't know if that's because of the quit, or just a general depression phase.

I'm also a bit disappointed that I'm not really feeling any better physically - energy levels have increased, my sinuses are still blocked and I still get out of breath easier than I should.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, but it just seems at the moment that's not really worth it.

I'm also spending more on NRT than it cost me for fags :confused:

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Might be a stupid question but have you thought about going to your nurse and getting them on the NHS?

Sorry your feeling a bit low. It could be that the toxins in your body are just making you feel yuck. Hang in there things will change.

I went back to the nurse last night and the first thing she said to me was how my colour had changed :eek:she said I had rosy cheeks and didn't look so grey :confused:

Mind you I was more worried that she would tell me how fat I had got :D

Keep positive and think you may not be feeling on top of the world right now but on a positive note your health is not getting any worse which it would do if you kept smoking.

Take care Lingy


I'm also spending more on NRT than it cost me for fags :confused:

Hi Jen

You may be spending more on NRT now but in a few months you wont be spending anything on NRT and those savings will really begin to show....also, perhaps more importantly you are not slowly killing yourself by way of poison!!! :D

Keep up the good work, it will be worth it in the end!!



all those thoughts were going through my mind. Don't give in, you come so far . :)

Getting them on prescription would be one good solution.

I think I am expecting to much ... I feel I should be juming around , feeling amazing...and yes some days I feel great but some days not. I think you have to give it time. It will all happen.

I send you a hug (( hug))


Thanks everyone for all your support :) I feel a bit better now. I think it might just be that I'm not sleeping too well and that's making me a bit grumpy, and also that change is hard, even a change for the better (especially if the better is slow!).

Lingy, I've got an appointment with the nurse on 27th, so I'll see what she says - I have a feeling you have to get them weekly, which might be difficult workwise. It's annoying me that the patches keep peeling off, so I end up using twice as many :eek:

I'm still hanging on in there, albeit with a grumpy face!


Hi Jen. I can understand your frustration - after the weeks of suffering, it would be lovely to have some rewards in the form of feeling better. The way I see it, if you think how long you have been smoking, and doing damage (in my case 40 years) then it's not surprising that it takes a while for your body to recover...

On the positive side though, that's your first two weeks out of the way - cause for celebration, I think!


I feel for you ... i really do

ive had grumpy 'is it all worth it moments'

more than one ...

smoking is such a nothing thing

a mouthful of hot tabbaco flavored smoke ..

it would be ok if it tasted of cocacola ..

and actually gave you a hit of something

but it dont ... its just poop

be paitence

you will feel better

i walked 3 miles home from a freinds today

without stopping !!!!

usually i would of stopped loads of times and sat on bench's

and rested ..wheezing

my body is healing ..

its getting there :)


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