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One Month & 4days

The days seem to be flying past for my quit i have a croaky voice at the moment no sore throat or runny nose. But been feeling rather cold especially when i get up i cuddled a hot water bottle this morning and put a wooly on today and felt nice and cosy. Ive just got home from my pottery painting and feel like i could doss off, i dont want to doss off as i wont sleep tonite. Well im still of the smelly fags and nothing has tempted me to have one. I had a full blown argument with OH the other day but i never got tempted to light up im am so pleased with myself that i have not had one puff even when im at my lowest bad tempered moody self. Where i know back onmy previous quit i did light up. But i have learnt this time not to go there oh my it feels so good. Good luck all new quitters and to all who are ahead of me.

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Well done you have done brilliantly.

Keep up the good work.

Lingy :)


Thank you Lingy. Good luck with your quit will be a month for you too. Jacqui


Well done Fleetwood. You can be so proud of yourself.


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