Oh my lord its day 7

Time has gone fast and I am now on day 7 of not smoking.

I have the odd moment when i would like a little stick but not really missing it.

Had a bad night last night. As soon as i went to bed my throat started itching which made me cough, I was hoping that this would stop when I gave up but it was worse than ever last night.

Oh said I was snoring as well but sounded like I had a sore throat but I haven't.

I seem to have very dry skin and just above my mouth is very dry, is this normal? is there a good but cheap cream I can use?

I certainly get more done in the morning when i get up now, it used to be up and out for a cig while waiting for the kettle to boil.

I keep forgetting to take my patch off when i go to bed so have to pull it off when in bed.

Need some ideas for things I can snack on when at work. any good things people can think of please.

Hope everybody else doing well.

Must say I am feeling rather proud of myself

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  • Hiya!!

    And so you should! It's great when days turn into weeks. I'm on week 2 and really seeing the benefits. I have had a sore throat and tickle cough too, I think it's part of the early quit and your body expelling and adjusting...don't worry, it will pass.

    I'm eating a nut & raisin mix ( unsalted) and trying bananas as they are supposed to make you feel good. Food tastes so much better now though, I'm bound to put weight on! A big glass of water is great when you feel the urge to smoke too!

    Keep it up.

  • Well done . One week is a milestone and it will get easier.

    I put weight on, but try to watch what I am eating now and do some exercise .

    Keep going :D

  • Well done WTSM, day 7 for both of us.

    I can hear you with the cough thing - weirdly when I do cough I expect it to hurt more than it actually does, must be remembering coughing as a smoker!

    Oddly I am losing weight every day, but then again I used to combine smoking with 7000 pints a night (and havn't had one of those for 7 days either) so perhaps understandable. Double benefits.

    Good luck to you, keep the force.

  • Best Wish's WTSN

    7 days is brilliant

    ive had sore mouth and all sorts

    of stuff ... as the body ajusts itself

    persevere .. you'l get better :)

    its an enormous change


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