No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Hi, made it to day 4, really proud of myself for being nicotine free for the first time in 20 years. Day 3 was a bit of a animal to say the least, worst for cravings and intensity but that particular monster never got fed :D

Feeling good today, apart from having the mother of all colds so you can image with giving up as well there's all sorts leaving my body from different places, sorry lol ;)


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I havent stopped yet, but doing the Champix routine properly. I wish you all the best of luck! Having a bad cold might make it a bit easier though ;)



Well done for getting to day 4 :)

Make sure you get plenty of fluids for your cold too, and take it easy.

BTW, whenever I see your username I get 'The Power of Love' stuck in my head!!


Thanks guys, the orange juice is helping both with the detox and with the cold.

Jen - inspired by my favourite "baddie" when l was a kid from Penelope Pit Stop but then l suppose so were Frankie when they wrote the song :D


Well done Si. Keep that monster hungry and he'll get weaker and weaker!


4 days is excellent

the hardest 4 !

another cold turkey quitter

im always impressed by that ...:)

Ive got a streaming cold at the moment too

its lasted nearly 2 weeks !

coughing and blowing dnose

i hoped i would never cough again after giving up !:rolleyes:

get well soon for the cold:)


well done on getting to day 4. It's day 4 for me as well and I'm finding the hardest thing to deal with is lack of sleep, I'm awake every hour on the hour and for someone who normally zonks out the minute her head hits the pillow until the alarm goes off it's very hard.


Terrible day

For me it's eerie day! I hate everything around me! I hate that day when started to smoke! Allen Carr does not help me! I start to use phone application Quit Smoking Azati again. Does not help too!!:mad:


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