No Smoking Day
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a funny dream or two last night

my first dream was one where i found an old handbag, in it was wat i presumed were empty cigarette boxes [incidently they were lambert and butler which i very very rarely smoked] anyway i proceeded to clear out my bag and opened the lid of the cigarette box in it was three cigarettes, now in my real life as a smoker there would never be a box with spare cigarettes in it because i would have smoked them for sure so in my dream it shocked me there were fags actually in the box i was then in the dilema do i smoke them or not my first feeling in my dream was to just smoke all three one after the other then i remembered i had quit and decided against it, i then woke up a little confused

i just wonder why do we in our dreams forget almost that we have quit

then i went back to sleep and dreamed i saw Jedward outside our local pick your own strawberries farm and they didnt have there hair spiked up it was flat and i went over and spoke to them and asked was everything going well after big brother and they said no that no one wanted them and they didnt even bother spiking there hair because no one took any notice [ahh the poor boys ] anyway i gave them a cuddle and got there autograph and went back to my car

i woke up and laughed i had dreamed about Jedward lol

some might think it was a nitemare lol but i think they are quite sweet fun loving boys

anyway wat an eventfull night i feel shattered now

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