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No Smoking Day
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im still in awe!

hello all!! i just really cant believe how far iv come--iv been quit for 8 and a half months!:eek::D

this is soooo possible! im also so happy for all who have managed to choose life and stay away from this horrible habit!

and for those who are stuggling i am telling you that it can be done! believe in yourself--you can do this--you are worth it!

the freedom is great and i feel so much healthier and everything is so much easier! hang in there guys and thanks to all who helped get me here! you are all apart of my success! 9 months here i come!!

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hey IAQ

i know exactly wat u mean i look back at my old life and i was controlled beyond belief by my smoking

every single little thing i did depended on my next nicotine fix

i didnt see it then but i led a very sad existence

it took a while but now my life is pure freedom

i to am in awe at myself

i always felt i was a very very dependant smoker and couldnt see my life without cigarettes, now i cant imagine my life with cigarettes ewww yuk

and apart from a little NRT the help i needed to get this far came from this forum without this forum i definately wouldnt be here and free today



This is what keeps me going .

What an achievement :D


you guys ahead are a real inspiration to me

it is awesome

you must be so pleased with yourselves

and deserve to be



:)thanks guys!!


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