No Smoking Day
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hi you lot

just pop in to see how you are all doing ,,well i hope,,iv been smoke free for some time, and have no regreats about it,,every one has there own way of dealing with not must keep a clear head at all times,,a crave will only last for a few be strong,,and you will get true hour or one day at a time will see you true ,,its so nice not to smell of smoke,,i smell smoke on other people,and think i must have smelt just like that,my o/h stills smokes she wount stop,i ask her to try and just like a women her reply is dont tell me what to do,,so i dont bother any more,,WOMEN,,some days are harder than others,but if you reley want to stop smoking,and i mean stop,you will be ok..dont give in be strong,set your mind to say i dont smoke i dont smoke,,like i allway say you lot keep the faith tonyx and good luck

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