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Day 4 For a newbie



I am on day 4.

Can't find the welcome page so will run in quick on here.

I am on patches with a inhalator which I am not using much.

I am also seeing the stop smoking nurse which will be every 2 weeks.

Will be back later to put more down about how its going.

I did stop smoking for a couple of years but silly me started gain a couple of years ago. (so wish I hadn't)

Going to run now but will be back later. If I can find my way back.:D

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Well done for getting through those first few days. And good luck with your quit.

Hi Well done on getting to day 4. Keep posting to let us know how you get on. Jacqui :)

well I back.

Today has been hard due to lots of stress. would have been so easy to drive to shop for them nasty sticks.

I am hoping that with giving up this nasty habit i will stop coughing when in bed. As soon as i lay down throat starts itching and then start coughing,only way i have been able to stop this is to take my pain killers for other aches and pains.

Husband not much help as he seen it all before so I not telling him, will see how long it takes for him to notice.

All tips and ideas most welcome.


Well done on getting through the first four days, it isn't that easy but you have done it.

I know how you feel about the coughing but mine disappeared pretty quickly once I stopped.

I don't have any tips apart from drinking water helped a lot especially one of the bottles where it has a spout for you to drink through. That helped with the 'missing sucking on a cig' feeling.

You are over the worst few days and the rest is just habit now. Don't get me wrong you will still have days where you really would like to have one but the feeling passes pretty quickly especially when you remember how much effort you have put in.

Keep going it is worth it.


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