Now on day 10

I'm actually finding it okay. I'm still getting the odd physical craving now and again, but the spray gets rid of that. There's also still an intermittent feeling of 'wanting' one, because that's what I'm conditioned to do, but I remind myself that it was all just about the nicotine.

Went to a wedding on Saturday, got pretty drunk but puffed away on the inhalator (only ever use it when I'm drinking), it was great not to be paranoid about smelling horrible!

Going to the doctors tomorrow to discuss when I will eventually wean myself off the nicotine, and if this will affect my meds.

Feel I'm adjusting to life as a non-smoker now. :cool:

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  • Well done for surviving a drunken wedding! You seem to be coping well with this.

  • I had a major wobble last night. I'd been feeling a bit down all day (work rubbish at the moment) and it culminated in a row with my OH.

    Normally the first thing I do is smoke to calm myself down, and I found it really hard to be rational with my emotions all over the place. Ended up puffing away like crazy on my inhalator and playing on my phone

    At least I didn't smoke. I had to keep repeating to myself that it wouldn't make things any better if I did. But it was close :(

  • Well done

    Good on you for not smoking . I know if i had one now i'd be very annoyed with myself. Keep going

  • Thanks, I will do my best. Off to the GP soon to get some more advice.

    I had the famous 'smoking dream' last night, although even in the dream I only had two puffs then threw it on the floor! :cool:

  • Well Done. Must've been hard at the wedding - inhalator's a great idea.

    I feel like you and I are kindof in this together so I'm incredibly glad you're doing so well.

  • Thanks Tyler - I'm glad you're still keeping going too. Me, you and pfaber seem to be Team Early September!

    It wasn't actually too tempted at the wedding as I never actually saw anyone smoking, or smelt it. It was more a habit where booze and cigs always seem to go together. The inhalator actually felt better than smoking as I didn't have to go outside (like the pre-2007 days).

    Anyway, here's a big smile to us for our achievement :D

  • Day 10 for me today! woo :)

  • Day 10 for me today! woo :)

    Well done!

    Sorry for forgetting you Mark, you're part of Team Early September too ;)

    (someone please come up with a decent team name. mine sucks :p)

  • That's cool

    Team early september sounds good to me .

  • I agree.

    It's going in my sig along with all of your names.

    So no chickening out now.

  • Hi Jen!

    I think it sounds like you are doing really well. The things you write reminds me a lot about my second week, the odd cravings, the sudden urge to smoke, the smoking dreams. Well now in week 4 all those things are a thing of the past.

    Of course I still get cravings occationally, but only when I put myself in situations that I associate heavily with smoking, like drinking beer (I guess having an argument would be another one). Anyway those cravings are becomming less and less intense and on a daily basis I only think very little about smoking (at least I crave very, very little).

    Sounds like you are using your inhalator in a good way, only for those tough spots, but not during your normal day.

  • Well done to all of you! I'm a few fays behind (day 7) but doing well on Champix so far. My OH is also on Champix now, and running about a fortnight behind me, so hopefully we will soon be a smoke-free household! :)

  • It's going in my sig along with all of your names.

    I am so stealing that sig :p (when I can figure out the formatting!)

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