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Wotcha all,

Not been around for a few days, partly due to being busy and a little as I felt visiting here was making a big deal of my quit at a personal level; that's not where I want to be. The reason is that to me a successful quit is just getting on with life. If I'm thinking 'oh I must visit the forum' then I'm reminding myself that I was a smoker....does that make any sense what so ever?

Any who. Things have been ok ish. Had to take some meds for a bad throat which made me feel pretty icky for most of last week. Yesterday was the first day I've really felt human again :D It's nice to be back on planet Earth.

I had my first smoking dream on Friday night which was a little odd. Like others I've read about it all seemed so real. I woke feeling massively dissappointed in myself until I'd realised it was only a dream.

I think that's pretty much it!

I hope all my fellow quitters are still quitting and without too much trauma.


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Hi Stav - well done.

Your comments about using the forum are interesting - this is something that I have considered myself. I am not a natural "chat room" person, but having stumbled on this site at the start of my quit, this has almost become my new addiction! I come on a couple of times a day, and have been wondering if this is linked to my continued preoccupation with smoking. On the other hand, I really believe that the forum has been a major contributor to helping me to become an ex-smoker. And like the extra food that I have been consuming, I have taken the view that anything that helps is ok at the moment.

I guess I have taken the view that as my quit strengthens and becomes more "normal", then my dependence on all the extra sweeties and this site will start to diminish as well. The most important thing for me is not to go back to smoking, so for the time being, I don't intend to "give up" anything else.

I look forward to the time when I can be an occassional visitor to the site, to check how people are doing and give encouragement to those who are following on behind. But I am nowhere near that point yet. I know that I am still vulnerable to temptation, and coming on here gives me those cautionary tales that remind me how important it is to stay strong.



well done . I look forward to getting where you are, but I still have a long

way to go . :D


Well Done Mart, you are doing so well.

I know how you feel regarding the forum but I also think that at the moment I need it just to keep me going. I also feel that by encouraging others during the early days makes my quit so much more than just for me and also reminds me just how hard I have worked to get where I am today.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Lingy :)


Well done in getting to day 37 in your quit. I myself believe that the forum is the most wonderful place to be the people here have been very supportive to me and have inspired me like they have helped everyone who has had troublesome times. Dont you feel its good to give other people support in there quit as they have in yours you dont have to come on everyday . Well anyway your choice. Best of luck j


congrats on 37 days!! so happy for ya!!

i definatly dont come on forum as much but i love to come by and see how my fellow quitters are and see all the new people choosing life! i like to be a help to all if i can...this forum got me though so much in the beginning and helped me stay made me feel not so alone and i knew my quit buddies were always there if i need a little talking to!!:p thanks again guys and keep it up stav!!!!!!!!!!


well done Stav ... 37 days is brilliant

ive had bad throat n it developed into a streaming cold :eek:

I dont have any non smoking friends that i see regulary

i need the forum

to be in contact with other non smokers :)

like you ... and to read other peoples experiences

the forums very important to me

tho ... i am impaitent for the time when i am just a non smoker

and these days of quitting are long behind me

and im in another time alltogether

i can say ... oh yeah .. i stopped smoking 3 years ago



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