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4 Weeks and still going strong!!

Hi all,

Well got into week four and still feeling great (bit of a wobble yesterday had a lovely lunch and really had a craving but got through it ok).

On a fitness buzz now, mainly because I am piling on the pounds because I feel so hungry all the time.

Just got back from two weeks holiday and feeling quite low this morning (back to work syndrome :eek:)as I came in to a load of paperwork piled on my desk which no one else could do while I was off :rolleyes:. Main thing is that I am still smoke free.

How is everyone else doing? Good I hope.

Lingy :)

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Oooh - four weeks! Well done! Glad that there were no slip-ups while on holiday, and hope that the first day back at work got better.


Hi Lingy, Well done on 4 weeks, I know what you mean about feeling hungry all the while, but I sip my water bottle seems to take that hunger feeling away, give it a go and let me know if it works for you. But well done. Heres to the next week or 2. Jacqui:)


Well done Lingy, excellent progress! I hope that your quit is still going well :)

Shame about the work load but it's god that you're getting into fitness, I have recently started to get into fitness too :D


Hi Lingy

Thanks for taking the time to ask how we doing LOL, but you the important one "HERE" it is your thread after all :)

I am so glad to hear how well you are doing!! it realy helps keep us ALL motivated.

Hmm with ragard the the desk full of paper work, did you not activate the "autofile" functon?

Well if not you can be assured people are to busy smoking, instead of taking the time to help a colleague on leave, who forgot to activate the autofile function LMAO selfish buggers!!!

Jokes aside well done!

Stay Strong


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