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1 month today

Hi all just checking in 4weeks quit today. Feeling good still sipping water. No big chocolate bars for a month now so pleased that this time i have not been binge eating because of quit . I love my vegetables or vegtables or vegatables which one is right ... Oh my i have always been able to spell. I have had some days where i have been very irratable and depressed but have sailed through it. I have even had bad arguments with OH and have sailed through that as well. Where as before was itching to have a fag but not this time. I know i can beat it this time around. I know all of my pitfalls and also read peeps messages on here too. This forum has been a life saver and so have all the people on here. So good luck to all new peeps and good luck to all peeps who are far ahead of me. Jacqui

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Well done Jackie, you can do it this time.

Best wishes Maria.:)


Well done Jacqui, or should that be Jackie? Big thing to get your first month over with, every milestone is a big step forward and long may it continue. David



one month is amazing . You can be sooo pround of yourself


Thank you Maria hope your well. And thank you Dave yes its jacqui. And thank you Dorset i am pleased as punch . Good luck to you all at your quit. Jacqui


Well done Jacqui,

Keep going you are doing great.



Thank you Lingy. And well done to you as well with your quit. :)


52 week challenge

;) Jacqui, chasing you ... 1 week behind you (21 days)... and i hope that week distance remains for another 52 weeks. Anyhow gratz girl ...keep it up ...insperation :) (with a vegetable)


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