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super stress

i am getting harassment from the people who live over the back off my house with regards to parking

woke up to find a small scratch on my car am excessively stressed and upset have involved the police who have no interest so will sort it out my own way i think

anys am so stressed u know when your skin crawls and your not hungry cause u feel full up i feel like that but i am kinda liking the feeling that i dont want a cigarette through any of this i am dealing with this and i dont want one at all i am actually enjoying not wanting one

am i strange

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so sorry for your troubles!! but we can face it all without a puff..and that should make you smile at least! ?????? i hope:o///


Hi Boo

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time - but great that this hasn't triggered the urge to smoke! (Maybe just a little strange to find such pleasure in a crappy situation, though!)

Hope things get resolved soon


boo sorry to hear you having trouble. You get through this without a smoke :D


thank u for all your replies i am happy i have faced this extreme feeling of stress since yesterday i have thought even less about cigarettes

even though i dont think of them to much anymore and the thoughts are fleeting i felt i still had alot of fleeting thoughts in a day

but since all this happening that has gone today i didnt even think one about cigarettes untill 15.00pm today and thats only cause i saw someone smoking

its like something more has click in my brain

and knowing i could do this without smoking and knowing full well that a few leafs rolled in some paper would absolutely not change anything i feel great

as for the car revenge is a dish best served cold and never cross a hormonal women plotting revenge


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