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Day 3 ulcers !!

Hi all,

I'm on day 3 and finding things ok at the moment apart from the mouth ulcers are coming !! I tried packing in a few weeks ago and experienced these ulcers which was one of the reasons for starting smoking again. I'm going to try and ride it out this time and give it a couple of weeks to see if the ulcers get better without smoking. Has anyone else had problems with ulcers after a few days of not smoking ? I'm going cold turkey, not sure if this makes it worse. Any advice welcome.



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I haven't but apparently it's quite common.

Apparently all those niggly side effects clear up after 6 weeks.


I quit cold turkey and had ulcers for the first couple of weeks. It can hurt like hell and it really sucks. But suck it up, it's definitely worth it for how much better you'll feel further down the line.

As has been mentioned it's a really common side effect of the early days of a quit. And some people more prone than others. I've had several quit attempts previously and most times have had ulcers.

I'm 3 months into my (final) quit, and I occasionally still get the odd one but it's getting less frequent. Just make sure you clean your teeth regularly, floss and gargle with mouthwash as well. They'll clear up.


I got ulcers also from quitting cold turkey, and it was really annoying as I wanted to eat cookies all the time.

Anyway the ulcers are gone now, they only lasted about 10 days. Taking vitaminpills (especially with lots of D-vitaming) can prevent ulcers from forming in the future.


Thanks for the advice guys, I'll make sure I clean,floss etc and man it out till they get better.

Tough night tonight as my weekend starts now after working away all week, the good thing is the wife has decided to pack in too (2 hours ago) just hope things go to plan.


Hi Jase

Have you tried Rinstead Pastilles? They help me a bit. Great news that your wife is quitting with you now! Wish her luck.



i had mouth thrush .. thick white layer over my toungue ..ive never had it before .. so definatley due to stopping smoking

i dont know if it was due to dehydraytion as well

they reccomend that u keep your fluids up when u quit

i bought mouthwash that worked

though the 'thrush' was reaccuring

still get it now if im dehydrated


Get a Thrush tablet from the chemist (Fluconazole, assuming that you aren't allergic to it or on certain other medications)- it will clear it up nicely in a couple of days. A tablet, not a pessary, mind you. Be clear on that one! ;)

I would say though, in general, don't be scared to treat symptoms properly.

Nicotine withdrawal does have symptoms and whether you need gel for mouth ulcers, antacids for indigestion, laxatives for constipation or anything else - go for it! It is only short term and it might just help you through. If you don't know how to treat a symptom, ask for opinions!


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