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just a quick visit

just thought I would post here as today is my 18 month aniversary

of stopping,:)for everyone who reads this I really do wish you all the best,

yes it is hard,difficult all of the above,but jeez it will be the best thing you will ever do,it has been for me,a 30 a day man for longer than I care to remember,

yes you will do it for family friends ect,but first and foremost do it for you

the benifets are just awesome,:)

so in closing the reason for this post is go on,go on ,go on as the irish lady say,you can do it I wish you all the very best



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Well done Stef. 18 months is a great achievement and I hope to be there one day. I'm currently on day 3 but thinking positive about quitting this time as for the first time i'm 100% ready to quit. Good luck in the future and keep up the good work, people like you give us beginners something positive to aim for and believe it will be possible to be free from smoking.




Congrats stef, I think you can truthfully say you've succeeded now (something I won't do untill I've been smokefree for a year).

And Scooby good job, hang in there, for many day 3 is the worst, but remember once you are over day 3 you have the worst behind you. Trust me it really does get better from there on, even though day 4 can be rough also.


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