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No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Did not feel good this morning, felt really down, first signs of a depressive episode :(

Think it might be partly to do with disrupted sleep patterns.

Feel a bit better now. Still not had a smoke, longest I've been without one for 10 years (which includes the time I was ill for 3 days and couldn't drink water without throwing up, let alone smoke).

Not going to have a nap when I get in after work, see if that helps the sleep. Instead I'll sit on the sofa with a blanket and make my OH look after me ;)

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oooh your body knows your saying goodbye to its nicotene freind

and is not happy ...

you hav to talk to your body like its a small child

everything will be ok ...

this is a good thing

the best thing about the process ... is that nothing

lasts forever ... not any of the feelings

any of the states you get into .. its all flowing

and you flow thro them all .. healing all the time


This is the time to be really gentle on yourself, and really indulgent (apart from letting yourself smoke!)

You are doing so well, and it is normal to be feeling fragile at this stage, so take it easy. Good luck.


Thanks for the support. I'm still wobbly, I've had a cry, a rant at my poor OH, but at least I've not had a smoke. Still feel low :(

Tiramisu might cheer me up, and an episode of Young Dumb and Living Off Mum. It's a great programme for self-esteem :D

Just got to remember that a fag won't cheer me up. Might make me feel better for two minutes until I get disappointed in meself.



Tiramisu would cheer a lot of people up :p Well done for making it this far, there's no point in caving in now as you've almost bagged a whole week!

The changes in mood will decrease the further your progress in your quit. It feels bad at the time but things will get better :p


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