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Final time

Hi all,

I've finally found the new thread button !!!

I've decided to quit smoking again but for good this time. In the past I thought I'd just have the odd one at the weekend but always lead to me smoking full time again !! My wife smokes so the temptation was always there, she said she'll pack in too but either way i'm off them completely from on.

I'm on day 2 now and it's going quite well, the hard bit will be when I get home tomorrow after being away working, not having one after a few beers. I thought I'd join this forum and tell people i've quit so I'll feel guilty if I just have one (hope this works).

In the past I've tried not to eat too much when packing in as I don't want to put on weight, but this time i'm going to treat myself to some decent food this weekend as a treat for not smoking, the diet can wait.

I read the Alan Carr book for the second time the other week but it didn't work for me again, the good thing though is that it had decent advice which will help me quit. I'm going cold turkey as I want the nicotine out my system asap. I've used NRT in the past but found since going cold turkey a few weeks back that I don't really get withdrawal symtoms, it's just a mental thing thinking that one cigarette will be great after a few beers at the weekend, then before I know it I'm back smoking full time again. I'm 39 and have been smoking for 25 years so I'm not kidding myself it'll be easy to get out of the habit.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated over the next few days, weeks etc.



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Hi Scooby!

Congrats on making it to day 2, I know it seems like a small step, but going cold turkey, the first 3 days are really tough, and you are already 1/3 of the way there!

I think it's a good decision you made to go cold turkey, it worked really well for me at least. I think the benefit is, if you can just go through the first 4 days without smoking, the physical, nicotine addiction won't be anything you have to deal with anymore. Then it's just a mind-game.

Also going cold-turkey really sets clearcut boundries as to what you can and can't do. As opposed to continuesly pumping nicotine in your body, and thus essentially being a "smoker who doesn't smoke", you are now an EX-smoker.


If you want some advice, I'd really kick the beers for a few days. It will be rough as hell, and sometimes you only need a tiny push to put you over the edge, where you just can't say no any more. A beer might just be that push.

Get into the state of mind where you think just 1 hour at a time and do whatever it takes to keep yourself smokefree for that hour.

I agree with the weight thing - eat whatever the hell you want and deal with it later. I know munching helped me a lot :D


Thanks for the advice smokecat and I think you're right about the beer. I reckon if I can get through this weekend i'll be fine, as I said, I don't get massive cravings it just feels like something is missing now and again. I would never use NRT again as most of giving up is the mental side which no doubt will be tested very strongly over the weekend. It'd be great if I could come back on Monday morning telling everyone that I've been smoke free for nearly a week, fingers crossed.


And we will all be on the edge of our chairs waiting to hear how you got on! Have a good week-end and let us know how it goes.


Thanks Mrs T, that's the pressure I needed to stop me having the odd one. Off to the gym now to kill some time and counter act all the food I'll be munching this weekend !!


Good Luck!

I've found the gym to be my best friend during this time. :)


Love your great attitude! Go for it!


Hi jase well done and good luck . Jacqui


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