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Day five

Now starting day five. Still no major cravings sick of the gum it's giving me jaw ache and my teeth ache a bit from all the constant chewing . Gonna try the inhalator next. Bit more expensive though. Gonna have to limit myself to 6 cartridges a day. Gotta use the gum up first. Might just try cold turkey and save some money we'll see. I'll post again tomorrow and let you all know how i'm getting on .

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Just speaking from personal experience (everyone is different, might not work for you), I can recommend cold turkey.

First of all the physical nicotine addiction only lasts 3-4 days. When you are past that point NRT's won't do you any good (they won't help you).

Second, the mental challenges are much more difficult to deal with than the physical. If you are hooked on NRT's you not only have to deal with the mental challenge, but also with a nicotine addiction.

Third, going cold turkey gives you a boost of confidence and sets very clear boundries that makes it easier to just say no to any sort of smoking (at least it did for me). You know after the 4th day that the physical cravings are over. This makes it easier to identify why you want a cigarette in a given situation and deal with it.


I loved my NRT

its a comfort thing

i think it makes the quit far more pleasant

can u get any NRT from your DR'S ?

to help with the cost

im still using my inhalator from time to time

i dont care if its got a cartridge in or not

its ok to let go of smoking slowly

im only going to do this once

theres no need for it to be in a tearing hurry

a long kiss goodnight

rather than a 'well... by then' :)


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