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Newbie on day 3!

Hi, new to this forum, and new to quitting (last time I tried was about 6 years ago and I wasn't really prepared - I didn't even last a day).

I'm on day 3 now and finding it much harder - I went away for the weekend to York with my boyfriend (who's asthmatic) so it was relatively easy not to smoke as we were together the whole time and there was so much to do to waste the time smoking! Today is much harder though because I'm at work :(

I'm using NRT to help me, and I must admit I'm being a little bit naughty in that I'm using a 21mg patch, a nicorette quickmist spray AND an inhalator - bearing in mind I was only on around 6 a day before. I guess my main concern is not breathing in smoke. I aim to try and quit nicotine at some point, but I would rather be addicted to NRT than cigs (I just want to point out that I have depression, so my main worry about quitting is that I'll relapse into another major episode, having not long got myself stable).

Anyway, ramble over, just wanted to get it off my chest, so to speak ;)

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Hi calamity :)

i used patch's and inhalators too

but not t mist ... tho i wanted it :cool:

i wanted all the nicotene i could get at the beginning

i was using 12 cartridges a day on the inhalator !!

3 months on ... im not even using a box of 42 a week !

the NRT does its stuff ..

im amazed how well

the main part of the quit has been grief and loss

of smoking .. missing it so much

and that was just a day here and a day there of emotional stuff

i was in denial the first 8 weeks then dropped to 14 mg

from 21mg ... and woke up to the fact that i was really

going to have to say goodbye to smoking

thats when it got emotional

but i have discovered


Best wish's with your quit xx


I already feel I'm missing it! Not in a 'smoking is so great' kinda way, but just like there's a gap now.

It feels a bit like breaking up with someone who does you no good - even though you don't want them, and you know you're much better off, it's still a big change I guess.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has grabbed as much nicotine as poss! Thanks for your words of encouragement, and well done on your quit x


Yeah I sort of get the "I miss smoking" too, and I only smoked for about 4 years, so I can imagine how you long-term smokers must feel.

I do think that some of the sadness and longing is just the addiction talking though (junkie-thoughts). For most of the day I don't even think about cigarettes, but when I DO think about them it's like "oh how can I ever live without cigarettes"... well, I was doing that just fine 10 minutes ago, and for most of the day, that's just hard to remember when you get an urge to smoke.


I have no problem with anyone using NRT's, if that works for you it's fine. For me personally (and for many smokers), I don't think that would work well though. The reason being the PHYSICAL addiction only lasts for about 3-4 days, if you get through those 4 days you won't need any NRT's. The mental addiction is much harder to deal with, and takes a lot longer too. If you are still addicted to nicotine when you start to deal with the mental challenges I imagine those will be a lot more difficult.

I'd rather just suck it up, get through the first 4 days of withdrawal symptoms and take it from there.


I think the NRT is just a kinder gentler way to quit

its a more medically supported quit

i see the nurse's at my dr's every two weeks

they are so pleased

the NRT has online support ... the nicorette activestop program

is excellent ... they text u everyday

the whole programme lasts 3 months ... ive just finished it

Ive enjoyed my quit

i didnt suffer too much

allways a good thing .. in my book :)


I like the idea of a gentler quit - but kudos to those who go CT. Last time I tried to go a day without any nicotine, my boyfriend told me to smoke one because I was flipping out in the middle of the street (think tears, shouting). My boyfriend is a severe asthmatic who hates smoking, that's how bad I was!

I'm going softly softly catchy monkey :D


I found that being at work helped to prevent me smoke when I started my quit as I worked long hours and it keeps yourself busy.

As Riverbecameroad said, there is life after cigarettes and it is a hell of a lot better :)

Hope the quit works out for you :)


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