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46 Days today


This is my first post, but I have been reading a great deal of the content from the web and felt it time to start being more involved and not sitting on the sidelines,

I am 46 years old and have smoked approx 25 a day since being 14, I am a little unsure of my reasons for quitting as I haven't suffered any health issues and can still play football etc, I also am lucky enough not to have a financial incentive to quit, but, I just feel it time to call it a day as it is not a particularly pleasant pastime and I feel more and more like a social outcast.

I have quit on will power alone and at 46 days I am doing ok, I have had the cravings and still fancy a cigarette at times but try to defeat it mentally, however, I have thrown on about 5 kgs, I am just getting into a space where I can start to reduce my eating and have started an exercise and diet program ttwo days ago to hopefully combat the danger of turning into the fat controller.:mad:

I would like to thank a lot of the contributors to this site as it does help at certain moments through the quit and hopefully I may be able to pass on some of my experiences as it goes and gain more time without the fags.

Thanks all and heres to a hope of a resounding success!!!!

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Hi Peteinoz.

Good to see you joining us, 46 days ct is fantastic! I suffer with my weight, typical stereotypical english diet, desk job, new baby etc etc. Just tackling the weight now. I have survey in just under 10 weeks and hope to shed 9kgs (18lbs?) by then.

Fingers crossed I can do the weight as easily as the smokes


Tailoring a personal game plan to your specific

needs and desires can be a big help. List the

reasons why you want to quit and then keep

copies of the list in the places where you’d

normally keep your cigarettes, such as in your

jacket, purse, or car. Your reasons for quitting

smoking might include:

I will feel healthier and have more energy,

whiter teeth and fresher breath.

I will lower my risk for cancer, heart attacks,

strokes, early death, cataracts, and skin


I will make myself and my partner, friends,

and family proud of me.

I will no longer expose my children and others

to the dangers of my second-hand smoke.

I will have a healthier baby (If you or your

partner is pregnant).

I will have more money to spend.

I won't have to worry: "When will I get to

smoke next?"


Hello peteinoz ..:)

I lurked and read for a while before posting

I felt i needed to do something else with my time

I have found it helpful

it reminds me of my experience's

and how far ive come ..

I hope you will post some more

and Best Wish's with your quit xx


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