No Smoking Day
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Day 27

...and thank heavens it's nearly the weekend! I LOVE weekends :D

Generally the no smoking thing is...well don't smoke. No real thoughts, cravings or desires; I'm chuffed as I've spent lots of time with smokers this week.

Little nervous as I've a trip to the docs tomorrow. Essentially had a cold 5 weeks ago, stopped nearly 4 weeks ago, since the cold went I've felt like I have a lump in my thoat (or swollen/tightness); kinda like a sore throat but without the soreness. Fingers crossed it's just because they've taken a little battering from colds and bugs as the whole family has been sneezing. I've read somewhere you can feel rotten and have similar side effects from quitting due to your sinuses sorting themselves out after years of abuse. We'll see though.

Beyond that I've got my money on the Euro Millions tomorrow. That'd wrap up the first month of not smoking nicely :)

Month forums I'm comin' atcha!

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Well done Stav hope the docs goes ok, I had sinus problems for ages after I quit but gone now.



Yeah, the weekend will be here very soon :D

Hope that the doctors appointment goes alright for you buddy!!


Me to :D

I don't do doctors....they petrify me. Had a few bad experiences with them


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