Stress stress stress

my other half has just gone down for his operation we have been at hospital all day have a few times thought about a cigarette but wouldnt have one i suppose its a new trigger to face

i just feel like i wanna go and walk and walk and walk that seems to be how i cope with stress these days

i think cause wen i first quit if i was having a bad day i would go out and walk for miles till i felt better so its like the first thing i wanna do in times of trouble

the other day had an argumant with my teenage son instead of thinking right i am gonna smoke the first thing that entered my head was to walk and i did was gone a good two hours

well writing this has took my mind off of worrying about my other half should be back soon its not a long op bout half hour and nobody has come to tell me anything bad has happened so he must be ok

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  • he is back all ok phew

  • Hi Boo,

    I'm happy to hear everything went ok, and sorry nobody was around when your posted earlier. It is indeed very stressful to be on those hospital situations. My mother was diagnosed with cancer last September last year, and I remember very well how nervous I was at the time.

    Hang in there, and don't give in to the nicodemon!


  • he is back all ok phew

    Wooohooooo. If you feel stressed again, just poke his sore bits :D

    Hope he makes a speedy recovery.....I hate hospitals, spent far too much time in them

  • thank u for replies i just looked and my posts they were only fifteen mins apart but it felt like a lifetime when i was waiting for him to come back up

  • Hello Boo

    there can't be a much more stressful situation !

    waiting for your partner to return from surgery

    how brilliant that u didn't smoke ...

    its when i leave the hospital .. i used to be desperate for a ciggie

    The relief ..

    you are a proud non smoker now ..

    you faced and beat the hospital challenge :)

  • thank u all

    stress over OH home safe and sound didnt like the night at home on my own with just the kids

    feel fine now and can cross another massive trigger off my list

    i did shamefully turn to junk food macdonalds for dinner and kfc for tea shhhhhh keep it quiet i threw all the wrappers out so my car had no evidence

  • Great news Boo and you did all that without one!!

    I won't tell anybody about the Mcd and kfc shhhhh



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